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Our clearinghouse for information on all types of depression and the most effective treatments for individuals suffering from all forms of depression.

Eating Disorders

Authoritative guide on the causes, symptoms and treatment of all types of eating disorders.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Effects and comorbidity with other mood disorders along with treatment and recovery

PTSD & Trauma

Traumatic events can produce a lasting negative effect leaving the individual unable to cope with everyday life.

Mood Disorders

A compilation of various mood disorders and common treatments

Internet Addiction

In depth look into the internet dependency’s causes and solutions

Recent Articles

Caregiver Health

Thirty-nine percent of all adults in the United States give unpaid caregiving to a friend or relative, and this number will only grow as Baby Boomers age. Caregiving is no easy task, especially when you have to balance the responsibility with full-time work. Many caretakers also report they experience a decline in both their physical […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

July 18, 2016

Binge Drinking

Many people don’t realize that binge drinking one of the most common patterns of alcohol use in the United States. In fact over 50% of all the alcohol consumed by people is served during binge drinking. But what is it, exactly? Binge drinking is defined as consuming alcohol in a pattern that produces a blood […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

July 11, 2016

Finding a Support Group

Sometimes a group of people can assemble and amazing things will happen. These people often share a common problem, and by listening and working together, they can help each other heal and grow. These are sometimes called support groups, or self-help groups.  When you face a problem in life, the first people to whom you turn […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

June 30, 2016

Managing Your Anger

Anger management is a phrase that gets tossed around in everyday language, but it’s often misinterpreted. Managing your anger doesn’t imply that you won’t ever feel angry. Life is full of challenges, and sometimes it is healthy and normal to experience anger. What you do with that anger is important, so mature adults must learn […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

June 29, 2016

Suicide Warning Signs

Talking about suicide can be a scary subject. But the more people are willing to talk with a friend or family member about suicidal thoughts, the more likely they can help someone take positive steps towards healing. Many people assume that if you ask someone if they have suicidal thoughts, that you can put the […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

June 22, 2016

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