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Our clearinghouse for information on all types of depression and the most effective treatments for individuals suffering from all forms of depression.

Eating Disorders

Authoritative guide on the causes, symptoms and treatment of all types of eating disorders.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Effects and comorbidity with other mood disorders along with treatment and recovery

PTSD & Trauma

Traumatic events can produce a lasting negative effect leaving the individual unable to cope with everyday life.

Mood Disorders

A compilation of various mood disorders and common treatments

Internet Addiction

In depth look into the internet dependency’s causes and solutions

Recent Articles

Suicide Warning Signs

Talking about suicide can be a scary subject. But the more people are willing to talk with a friend or family member about suicidal thoughts, the more likely they can help someone take positive steps towards healing. Many people assume that if you ask someone if they have suicidal thoughts, that you can put the […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

June 22, 2016

Knowing When Your Child Needs Help

Sometimes kids can exhibit behaviors that indicate they are at risk for social and emotionally difficulties later in life. These challenges can leave the child frustrated and unable to positively cope with change or stressful situations at home or school. Angered or confused, he or she may resort to violent and aggressive behavior, leaving a […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

June 15, 2016

When Your Friend Has a Drinking Problem

Addiction impacts more than just the person who’s using. Friends, family, and even coworkers can feel hurt or confused, or unsure whether they should intervene or let a person work out their own problems. They might talk themselves out of taking action, convincing themselves it’s just their imagination, or rationalizing that a person has to “hit […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

May 26, 2016

Creating a Healthy Relationship With Your Parents

A funny thing happens when you become an adult. You finally start to realize that your parents are real humans, flaws and all. Also, just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean that there won’t be any challenges in your relationship with your aging parents. Family is family, and there is always opportunity for […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

May 19, 2016

Dealing With Change

Any life is a life of change. We experience transitions in work and relationships, changes in our physical and mental health, and new events in our local communities and our world. Sometimes we know a change will occur, while other times it comes suddenly and unexpectedly. Maybe it’s a disappointment, or maybe it’s a wonderful surprise. Many […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

May 12, 2016

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