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Our clearinghouse for information on all types of depression and the most effective treatments for individuals suffering from all forms of depression.

Eating Disorders

Authoritative guide on the causes, symptoms and treatment of all types of eating disorders.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Effects and comorbidity with other mood disorders along with treatment and recovery

PTSD & Trauma

Traumatic events can produce a lasting negative effect leaving the individual unable to cope with everyday life.

Mood Disorders

A compilation of various mood disorders and common treatments

Internet Addiction

In depth look into the internet dependency’s causes and solutions

Recent Articles

How Do I Increase My Self-Esteem?

Your sense of self-worth will impact every arena of your life. Your job, your relationships, and even your physical and mental health are a reflection of your self-esteem. But what exactly helps shape your view of yourself and your abilities? The truth is that your level of self-esteem may have grown or shrunk based on […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

May 1, 2016

Helping Kids Cope With Divorce

Everyone knows the statistic that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. What we often forget, however, is that a majority of these divorces impact children under the age of 18. Many parents struggle with guilt or fear of how the divorce will impact the lives of their children. Because kids depend on parents for […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

April 22, 2016

Finding a Sleep Strategy That Works

Did you realize that you will spend about a third of your life asleep? Yet often we don’t give the same attention to sleep that we give to other necessities, like food and water. This is probably why more than 70 million Americans suffer from dysfunctional sleep or a sleep disorder. If you’re not getting […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

April 15, 2016

Avoiding Burnout

Burnout is a term that gets tossed around often in the workplace, but it’s more than simply feeling tired or overworked. It’s a continual sense of pessimism about your present and future that can lead to a decline in your work performance. Even the most driven people are susceptible to this sense of negative exhaustion. […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

April 9, 2016

Talking About Tough Stuff With Teenagers

If you’ve ever tried to read the mind of a teenager, you know that it can feel like trying to predict the future or seeing in the dark. Television and movies portray teens as obsessive creatures with simple needs and urges, but the reality is that adolescence is a complex and confusing time of life. […]

Kathleen Smith MA, LPC

March 29, 2016

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