Trade and Generic Names of Psychiatric Medications.

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With thanks to the many members of the psycho-pharm list who have contributed the information that has made this listing possible.

Generic and Trade Names of Medications          Use of Medication
   (Trade Names Are Capitalized)
Abilify Discmelt        aripiprazole            Antipsychotic
acamprosate             Campral                 Rx of alcoholism
Adderall                amphetamine salts       Psychostimulant / ADD
Adderall-XR             amphetamine salts       Psychostimulant / ADD
Adapin                  doxepin                 Antidepressant
Alertec                 modafinil               Psychostimulant
Akineton                biperiden               Side-effect control
alprazolam              Xanax, Niravam          Antianxiety
Ambien                  zolpidem                Hypnotic
Ambien-CR               zolpidem                Hypnotic
amantadine              Symmetrel               Side-effect control
amisulpride             Solian                  Antipsychotic
amitriptyline           Elavil, Typtanol,       Antidepressant
                        Saroten, Tryptizol
amobarbital             Amytal                  Hypnotic
amoxapine               Asendin                 Antidepressant
amphetamine salts       Adderall                Psychostimulant / ADD
Amytal                  amobarbital             Hypnotic
Antabuse                disulfiram              Rx of alcoholism
Anafranil               clomipramine            Antidepressant
Aquacloral              chloral hydrate         Hypnotic
aripiprazole            Abilify                 Antipsychotic
Aropax                  paroxetine              Antidepressant
Artane                  trihexyphenidyl         Side-effect control
asenapine               Saphris                 Antipsychotic
Asendin                 amoxapine               Antidepressant
Atarax                  hydroxyzine             Hypnotic, Antianxiety
atenolol                Tenormin                Side effect control
atomoxetine             Strattera               Anti-ADD
Ativan                  lorazepam               Antianxiety
Aurorix                 moclobemide             Antidepressant
Aventyl                 nortriptyline           Antidepressant
Benadryl                diphenhydramine         Hypnotic, Side-effect control
benztropine             Cogentin                Side-effect control
bethanechol             Urecholine              Side-effect control
biperiden               Akineton                Side effect control
bromazepam              Lexomyl, Lexotanil      Antianxiety
buprenorphine           Subutex                 Opioid addiction
bupropion               Wellbutrin,             Antidepressant, Rx of nicotine dependence
                        Wellbutrin-XL, Zyban,
BuSpar                  buspirone               Antianxiety
buspirone               BuSpar                  Antianxiety
butabarbital            Butisol                 Hypnotic
Butisol                 butabarbital            Hypnotic
Campral                 acamprosate             Rx of alcoholism
carbamazepine           Tegretol, Equetro       Mood stabilizer
Catapres                clonidine               Anti-ADD, Antianxiety
Celexa                  citalopram              Antidepressant
Centrax                 prazepam                Antianxiety
chloral hydrate         Somnote, Aquachloral    Hypnotic
chlorpromazine          Thorazine               Antipsychotic
chlordiazepoxide        Librium                 Antianxiety
Cibalith-S              lithium citrate         Mood stabilizer
Cipram                  citalopram              Antidepressant
Cipramil                citalopram              Antidepressant
citalopram              Celexa, Cipramil,       Antidepressant
                        Prisdal, Seropram
                        Cipram, Citopam
Citopam                 citalopram              Antidepressant
clomipramine            Anafranil               Antidepressant/Anti-OCD
clonidine               Catapres, Kapvay        Anti-ADD, Antianxiety
clonazepam              Klonopin, Rivotril      Antianxiety
clorazepate             Tranxene                Antianxiety
clozapine               Clozaril, FazaClo ODT   Antipsychotic
Clozaril                clozapine               Antipsychotic
Cogentin                benztropine             Side-effect control
Compazine               perchlorperazine        Antipsychotic
Concerta                methylphenidate         Psychostimulant / ADD
Cylert                  pemoline                Psychostimulant / ADD, Potentiates 
Cymbalta                duloxetine              Antidepressant
cyproheptadine          Periactin               Side-effect control
Cytomel                 liothyronine            Potentiates antidepressants
Dalmane                 flurazepam              Hypnotic
Daytrena                methylphenidate         Psychostimulant / ADD
Decadron                dexamethasone           Diagnostic test for depression
Depakene                sodium valproate        Mood stabilizer
Depakote, Depakote ER   divalproex, valproate   Mood Stabilizer
Deprax                  fluoxetine              Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
deprenyl                see selegiline          Antidepressant
Deroxat                 paroxetine              Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
desipramine             Norpramin, Pertofran    Antidepressant
Desoxyn                 methamphetamine         Psychostimulant / ADD
Desvenlafaxine          Pristiq                 Antidepressant
Desyrel                 trazodone               Antidepressant, hypnotic
dexamethasone           Decadron                Diagnostic test for depression.
Dexedrine               dextroamphetamine       Psychostimulant / ADD, Potentiates 
dextroamphetamine       Dexedrine               Psychostimulant / ADD, Potentiates 
dextromethorphan +
quinidine               Nuedexta                pseudobulbar affect
diazepam                Valium, Stesolid        Antianxiety
diphenhydramine         Benadryl                Hypnotic, Side-effect control
disulfiram              Antabuse                Rx of alcoholism
divalproex              Depakote, Depakote ER   Mood stabilizer
Dobupal                 venlafaxine             Antidepressant
Dolophone               methadone               Analgesic, Rx of opiate abuse
Doral                   quazepam                Hypnotic
doxepin                 Sinequan, Adapin        Antidepressant, Antipanic
duloxetine              Cymbalta                Antidepressant
Dutonin                 nefazodone              Antidepressant
Edronax                 reboxetine              Antidepressant
Elavil                  amitriptyline           Antidepressant, Antipanic
Effexor                 venlafaxine             Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
Emsam                   selegeline              Antidepressant
Epilim                  sodium valproate        Mood stabilizer
Equinil                 meprobamate             Antianxiety
escitalopram            Lexapro                 Antidepressant
Eskalith                lithium carbonate       Mood stabilizer
Equanil                 meprobamate             Antianxiety
Equetro                 carbamazepine           Mood stabilizer
estazolam               Prosom                  Hypnotic
eszopiclone             Lunesta                 Hypnotic
ethchlorvynol           Placidyl                Hypnotic
Eufor                   fluoxetine              Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
Fanapt                  iloperidone             Antipsychotic
Favarin                 fluvoxamine             Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Anti-panic
FazaClo ODT             clozapine               Antipsychotic
felbamate               Felbatol                Mood stabilizer
Felbatol                felbamate               Mood stabilizer
Fluanxol                flupenthixol            Antipsychotic, antidepressant
Fluctine                fluoxetine              Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Anti-panic
Fluocim                 fluoxetine              Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Anti-panic
fluoxetine              Prozac, Veritina,       Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Anti-panic
                        Eufor, Deprax, Psiquial
                        Fluctine, Fluocim
flupenthixol            Fluanxol                Antipsychotic, antidepressant
fluphenazine            Prolixin, Modecate      Antipsychotic
flurazepam              Dalmane                 Hypnotic
fluvoxamine             Luvox, Luvox CR         Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
Focalin, Focalin XR     dexmethylphenitate      Psychostimulant / ADD
gabapentin              Neurontin               Mood stabilizer
Gabitril                tiagabine               Anticonvulsant, Mood stabilizer
Geodon                  ziprasidone             Antipsychotic, Mood stabilizer
Galdem                  sertraline              Antidepressant
guanfacine              Intuniv, Tenex          Anti-ADD
Halcion                 triazolam               Hypnotic
Haldol                  haloperidol             Antipsychotic
haloperidol             Haldol, Serenace        Antipsychotic
hydroxyzine             Atarax, Vistaril        Hypnotic, Antianxiety
iloperidone             Fanapt                  Antipsychotic
imipramine              Tofranil                Antidepressant, Antipanic
Imovane                 zopiclone                 Hypnotic
Inderal                 propranolol             Side-effect control, Anger control
Intuniv                 guanfacine              Anti-ADD
Invega                  paliperidone            Antipsychotic
isocarboxazid           Marplan                 Antidepressant
Kemadrin                procyclidine            Side-effect control
Keppra                  levetiracetam           Anticonvulsant, Mood stabilizer
Klonopin                clonazepam              Antianxiety, Mood stabilizer
Lamictal                lamotrigine             Anticonvulsant, Mood stabilizer
lamotrigine             Lamictal                Anticonvulsant, Mood stabilizer
Latuda                  lurasidone              Antipsychotic
levetiracetam           Keppra                  Anticonvulsant, Mood stabilizer
levothyroxine           Synthroid               Potentiates antidepressants, 
                                                Mood stabilizer (Bipolar rapid cycling)
Lexapro                 escitalopram              Antidepressant
Lexomyl                 bromazepam              Antianxiety
Lexotan                 bromazepam              Antianxiety
Lexotanil               bromazepam              Antianxiety
Librium                 chlordiazepoxide        Antianxiety
liothyronine            Cytomel                 Potentiates antidepressants, Mood stabilizer
Liquadd                 Dextroamphetamine       Psychostimulant / ADD
Litharex                lithium carbonate       Mood stabilizer, Potentiates antidepressants
lithium carbonate       Eskalith. Lithane,      Mood stabilizer, 
                        Lithonate, Lithotabs    Potentiates antidepressants
                        Litharex, Priadel,
lithium citrate         Cibalith-S              Mood stabilizer, Potentiates antidepressants
Lithonate               lithium carbonate       Mood stabilizer, Potentiates antidepressants
Lithotabs               lithium carbonate       Mood stabilizer, Potentiates antidepressants
lorazepam               Ativan, Temesta         Antianxiety
loxapine                Loxitane                Antipsychotic
Loxitane                loxapine                Antipsychotic
Ludiomil                maprotiline             Antidepressant
Lunesta                 eszopiclone             Hypnotic
Lurasidone              Latuda                  Amtipsychotic
Lustral                 sertraline              Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
Luvox, Luvox CR        fluvoxamine             Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
Manerix                 moclobemide             Antidepressant, Anti-social phobia
maprotiline             Ludiomil                Antidepressant
Marplan                 isocarboxazid           Antidepressant, Antipanic
meprobamate             Miltown, Equanil        Antianxiety
mesoridazine            Serentil                Antipsychotic
Metadate-ER             methylphenidate         Psychostimulant / ADD
Metadate-CR             methylphenidate         Psychostimulant / ADD
methadone               Dolophne                Analgesic, Rx of opiate abuse
methamphetamine         Desoxyn                 Psychostimulant / ADD
methotrimeprazine       Nozinan                 Antipsychotic
Methylin, Methylin ER   methylphenidate         Psychostimulant / ADD
methylphenidate          Concerta, Metadate-ER,  Psychostimulant / ADD
                        Metadate–CR, Methylin,
                        Ritalin, Ritalin-LA,
Midazolam               Versed                  Hypnotic, Antianxiety
Miltown                 meprobamate             Antianxiety
Mirapex                 pramipexol              Potentiates antidepressants
mirtazepine             Remeron                 Antidepressant, Antipanic
Moban                   molindone               Antipsychotic
moclobemide             Manerix, Aurorix        Antidepressant, Anti-social phobia
modafinil               Alertec Provigil,       Psychostimulant
Modecate                fluphenazine            Antipsychotic
Modiodal                modafinil               Psychostimulant
molindone               Moban                   Antipsychotic
Nalorex                 naltrexone              Rx of alcoholism, Potentiates antidepressants
naltrexone              ReVia, Trexan           Rx of alcoholism, Potentiates antidepressants
                        Phaltrexia, Nalorex
Nardil                  phenelzine              Antidepressant, Antipanic
Navane                  thiothixene             Antipsychotic
Nefadar                 nefazodone              Antidepressant
nefazodone              Serzone, Dutonin,       Antidepressant
Nembutal                Pentobarbital           Hypnotic
Neurontin               gabapentin              Mood stabilizer
Niravam                 alprazolam              Antianxiety
Norebox                 reboxetine              Antidepressant
Norpramin               desipramine             Antidepressant
Nortrilen               nortriplyline           Antidepressant, Antipanic
nortriptyline           Aventyl, Pamelor        Antidepressant, Antipanic
Nozinan                 methotrimeprazine       Antipsychotic 
Nuedexta                dextromethorphan +
                        quinidine               Pseudobulbar affect
Odranal                 bupropion               Antidepressant
olanzapine              Zyprexa                 Antipsychotic
Orap                    pimozide                Antipsychotic
oxazepam                Serax, Seresta          Antianxiety
oxcarbazepine           Trileptal               Anticonvulsant, Mood stabilizer
paliperidone            Invega                  Antipsychotic
Pamelor                 nortriptyline           Antidepressant, Antipanic
Parnate                 tranylcypromine         Antidepressant, Antipanic
paroxetine              Paxil, Aropax,          Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
                        Seroxat, Deroxat,
Paxil                   paroxetine              Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
pemoline                Cylert                  Psychostimulant / ADD, Potentiates 
pentobarbital           Nembutal                Hypnotic
perchlorperazine        Compazine               Antipsychotic
Periactin               cyproheptadine          Side-effect control
perphenazine            Trilafon                Antipsychotic
Pertofran               desipramine             Antidepressant
Pexeva                  paroxetine              Antidepressant
Phaltrexia              naltrexone              Rx of alcoholism, Potentiates antidepressants
phenelzine              Nardil                  Antidepressant, Antipanic
pimozide                Orap                    Antipsychotic
pindolol                Visken                  Potentiates antidepressants
Placidyl                ethchlorvynol           Hypnotic
pramipexole             Mirapex                 Potentiates antidepressants
prazepam                Centrax, Reapam         Antianxiety
Priadel                 Lithium carbonate       Mood stabilizer
Prisdal                 citalopram             Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
Pristiq                 desvenlafaxine          Antidepressant
Procyclidine            Kemadrin                Side-effect control
Prolixin                fluphenazine            Antipsychotic
propranolol             Inderal                 Side-effect control
Prosom                  estazolam               Hypnotic
protriptyline           Vivactil                Antidepressant, Antipanic
Provigil                modafinil               Psychostimulant / ADD, potentiates 
Prozac                  fluoxetine              Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
Psiquial                fluoxetine              Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
Quazepam                Doral                   Hypnotic
quetiapine              Seroquel, Seroquel XR   Antipsychotic 
ramelteon               Rozerem                 Hypnotic
reboxetine              Vestra, Edronax,        Antidepressant
Remeron                 mirtazepine             Antidepressant, Antipanic
Restoril                temazepam               Hypnotic
ReVia                   naltrexone              Rx of alcoholism, Potentiates antidepressants
Risperdal, Risperdal M
Risperdal Consta        risperidone             Antipsychotic
risperidone             Risperdal               Antipsychotic
Ritalin, Ritalin LA
Ritalin SA              methylphenidate         Psychostimulant / ADD, Potentiates 
Rozerem                 ramelteon               Hypnotic
Saphris                 asenapine               Antipsychotic
Saroten                 amitriptyline           Antidepressant, Antipanic
secobarbital            Seconal                 Hypnotic
Seconal                 secobarbital            Hypnotic
selegiline              Eldepryl, Emsam         Antidepressant
Serenace                haloperidol             Antipsychotic
Serax                   oxazepam                Antianxiety
Sercerin                sertraline              Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
Serepax                 oxazepam                Antianxiety
Seresta                 oxazepam                Antianxiety
Serlect                 sertindole              Antipsychotic
Seropram                citralopram             Antidepressant
Seroquel, Seroquel XR   quetiapine              Antipsychotic
Seroxat                 paroxetine              Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
sertindole              Serlect                 Antipsychotic
sertraline              Zoloft, Sercerin,       Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
                        Tolrest, Lustral,
Serzone                 nefazodone              Antidepressant
Sodium valproate        Depakene, Epilim        Mood Stabilizer
Solian                  amisulpride             Antipsychotic
Somnote                 chloral hydrate         Hypnotic
Sonata                  zaleplon                Hypnotic
Symmetrel               amantadine              Side-effect control
Stavzor                 valproc acid            Mood stabilizer
Stelazine               trifluoperazine         Antipsychotic
Stesolid                diazepam                Antianxiety
Strattera               atomoxetine             Anti-ADD
Suboxone                buprenorphine +
                        naloxone                Opioid addiction
Subutex                 buprenorphine           Opioid addiction
Surmontil               trimipramine            Antidepressant, Antipanic
Symbyax                 fluoxetine + olanzapine Antidepressant
Synthroid               levothyroxine           Potentiates antidepressants, 
                                                Mood stabilizer (Bipolar rapid cycling)
Tegretol                carbamazepine           Mood stabilizer
temazepam               Restoril                Hypnotic
Tenex                   guanfacine              Anti-ADHD
Tenormin                atenolol                Side-effect control
thiothixene             Navane                  Antipsychotic
tiagabine               Gabitril                Anticonvulsant, Mood stabilizer
thioridazine            Mellaril                Antipsychotic
Timesta                 lorazepam               Antianxiety
Thorazine               chlorpromazine          Antipsychotic
Tofranil                imipramine              Antidepressant, Antipanic
Tolrest                 sertraline              Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
Topamax                 topiramate              Anticonvulsant, Mood stabilizer
topiramate              Topamax                 Anticonvulsant, Mood stabilizer
Tranxene, Tranxene SD   clorazepate             Antianxiety
tranylcypromine         Parnate                 Antidepressant, Antipanic
trazodone               Desyrel                 Antidepressant, Hypnotic
Trexan                  naltrexone              Rx of alcoholism, Potentiates antidepressants
triazolam               Halcion                 Hypnotic
trihexyphenidyl         Artane                  Side-effect control
Trilafon                perphenazine            Antipsychotic
Trileptal               oxcarbazepine           Anticonvulsant, Mood stabilizer
trimipramine            Surmontil               Antidepressant, Antipanic
Typtanol                amitriptyline           Antidepressant, Antipanic
Typtizol                amitriptyline           Antidepressant, Antipanic
Urecholine              bethanechol             Side-effect control
Valium                  diazepam                Antianxiety
valproic acid           Depakene                Mood stabilizer
Valproate               Depakote/Depakene       Mood stabilizer
venlafaxine             Effexor, Dobupal        Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
Verotina                fluoxetine              Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
Versed                  midazolam               Hypnotic, Antianxiety
Vestra                  reboxetine              Antidepressant
Viibryd                 vilazodone              Antidepressant
Vilazodone              Viibryd                 Antidepressant
Vistaril                hydroxyzine             Hypnotic, Antianxiety
Vivactil                protriptyline           Antidepressant, Antipanic
Vivitrol                naltrexone              Rx of alcoholism, Potentiates antidepressants
Vyvanse                 lisdexamfetamine        Psychostimulant
Wellbutrin              bupropion               Antidepressant
Xanax, Xanax XR         alprazolam              Antianxiety
zaleplon               Sonata                   Hypnotic
ziprasidone            Geodon                   Antipsychotic, Mood stabilizer
Zoloft                 sertraline               Antidepressant, Anti-OCD, Antipanic
zolpidem               Ambien, Ambien-CR        Hypnotic
Zonegran               zonisamide               Anticonvulsant, Mood stabilizer
zonisamide             Zonegran                 Anticonvulsant, Mood stabilizer
zopiclone              Imovane                  Hypnotic
Zyprexa Zydis          olanzapine               Antipsychotic
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