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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

An overview of SAD.

An automated test for depression and SAD.

Factsheet on SAD.

Heal Your Brain: How the New Neuropsychiatry Can Help You Go from Better to Well . (An important book)

Abstracts of articles about seasonal depression.

How to do light therapy for depression.

Lecture slides on SAD.

Norman Rosenthal, MD discusses the discovery of SAD.

Rosenthal's Winter Blues. (an important book)

Raymond W. Lam, MD's review paper on SAD.

Lam's Canadian Consensus Guidelines for the Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder. (An important book)

Diagnosis and treatment of SAD.

Sleep and SAD.

Delayed sleep phase syndrome.

Light therapy for depression during pregnancy.

Light therapy for nonseasonal depression.

The importance of morning light in the treatment of SAD.

The diagnosis and treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The impact of latitude on the prevalence of SAD.

RAn overview of SAD.

An FAQ on SAD.

Seasonal Affective Disorder : Who Gets It, What Causes It, How to Cure It. (an important book)

Abstracts on the treatment of SAD.

Questions and answers on on SAD and light therapy.

SAD and genetic factors.

Abstracts of articles about SAD and bright light therapy.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Practice and Research [an important textbook]

Melatonin and sleep disturbances.

A bibliography of research reports on the light treatment of SAD.

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Revised 9 July 2006