Is it hard for you to leave the office or stop checking your work email? Have you worked late this week? (More than once?) You might be addicted to your job. Answer the questions below to find out how much of a workaholic you are.

Instructions: Below is a list of questions that reflect common experiences among people who are workaholics. Read each question carefully, and then choose how often you’ve experienced the same or similar challenges in the past few months.

Your privacy is important to us. All results are completely anonymous. This quiz is not a substitute for a proper assessment from a health care professional.

Do you ever work more hours in a week than you plan to work?
Do you feel moody, guilty, anxious when you are not working?
When you aren’t at work, do you spend large amounts of time checking your work email or phone, or thinking about work you’ve yet to finish?
Do you plan to reduce your work hours with little success?
Does work ever negatively affect your relationships?
Has work ever kept you from getting a healthy amount of sleep?
Has work ever interfered with your health?
Do you not take vacation or sick days in order to complete more work?
Do you find it difficult to concentrate on conversations or other tasks when you’re not working?
Do you hide how much you work to loved ones?
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Last Updated: Nov 19, 2020