Bipolar disorder never goes on vacation. Not even the most low-key, chill Saturday afternoon makes it easier to live with so we’re guessing this year, thanks to the additional stress brought on courtesy of a persistent pandemic (yes, we’re talking about you COVID-19), you just might be asking…begging…Santa to make your BD disappear for good.

But even Santa’s brightest elf can’t do that!

So, we went to work compiling this collection of solutions.  Each slideshow is chock full of expert tips and advice to help you find ways to enjoy the season and keep your mood stable, too. Who couldn’t use a little extra support right now?

In this four-part collection, we’ll tackle getting through the holidays through the lens of people living with bipolar depression as well as those who love them. Just under 3% of the US population has bipolar (and over 4% experience bipolar disorder at some point in their lives).1  Many in that group (up to 40%) were first diagnosed with depression. Why? Because people who have bipolar disorder experience a lot of the same symptoms as those who are depressed.

There’s one key difference, though.

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When you have bipolar, you have episodes of mania, too. Some people, creative types like musicians and painters, welcome their manic periods as they can be times of exceptional productivity. During the holidays, this might mean burning the midnight oil to complete all the shopping, baking, and decorating on time.

But having a merry and bright house (impeccably decorated indoors and out), batches of home-baked holiday cookies, and a Christmas tree worthy of thousands of YouTube views can come at a cost. The crash and burn kind of cost. The kind that can leave you suffering in bed with paralyzing depression for days.

All that holiday-related stress can lead to mood instability and that’s linked to none other than anxiety and depression which (surprise, surprise!) makes you feel a lot worse.2 Psycom’s experts are here to help and we’re here when you need it the most—right now!

Bipolar Advice When You Need It Most

Weight gain, unfortunately, is as much a part of the holidays as baking and gift buying, especially when prescribed medications are part of your treatment plan. Fight back with these smart ideas from a registered dietitian. They’ll help you maintain your pre-holiday weight without depriving yourself from a few goodies!

If you’re tempted to skip your medication, you’ll think twice after you read these reasons why that’s a bad idea. You may never miss a dose again.

Here, our top holiday hacks—solutions for those times when you feel like you’re about to come undone.

And, finally, relatives and caregivers—we see you! Loads of strategies and tips to help you spot easy-to-miss warning signs that tell you your loved one is struggling with medication compliance. Plus a medication management app—technology that can help you help them be successful.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Psycom. Best wishes to all for a better 2021!

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Last Updated: Jan 4, 2021