Bipolar is one of those conditions where people think they know what it is, but there are a lot of misconceptions. Part of the bad info comes from the way it’s portrayed in the media. Add to that the fact that it’s used as an adjective in everyday conversations: “I’m so bipolar.” To help frame the facts around bipolar, we’ve pulled together several memes that represent different facets of the illness. Our intention is to debunk bad information and progress the conversation around bipolar, not to reinforce these myths. There’s still a lot of research being done on the exact biomarkers for bipolar as well as the link between bipolar and creativity. Click through the slideshow, below, to see some of the highlights on what we do know.

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Let’s set the record straight. Bipolar is not about having a roller coaster ride of emotions every hour. In fact, longitudinal research has shown that the average mood episode lasts over three months.

Some people with bipolar (about 20-40 percent) do have what’s technically called “mixed-features specifier.” The DSM-4 used to identify this as mixed episodes, which in a way is easier to understand, but it was updated in the DMS-5. Picture being ramped up, full of energy, but also self-loathing and sad at the same time. That’s an example. And, suicide risk is especially high when both mania and depressive symptoms are happening at the same time.

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By Rebecca Dolgin
Updated: Dec 10, 2020
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