I have irresistible impulses to eat large amounts of food, which I consume within minutes.
When I cannot stop eating, I eat so much that I feel uncomfortably full afterwards.
I eat a lot when I'm not hungry.
Because I'm ashamed of the way I eat or I fear that I will lose control over my eating, I try to eat when I'm alone.
I lose control over my eating when I'm irritated, angry, or nervous.
Initially I feel mentally relieved after eating so much, but then I despise myself for losing control.
I make myself vomit, when I feel that I've eaten too much.
I purge (by using laxatives, diuretics, or other means) after eating too much.
I exercise to almost exhaustion to burn excessive calories I've consumed.
I try to put myself on a strict diet after eating too much.
My life is a vicious cycle between the moments I lose control over my eating and the time I diet to lose my weight.
Body shape is the most essential part of one's image.
I'm concerned about gaining weight.
I think about losing weight.
I feel dissatisfied with my body shape.
I feel depressed because I fail to establish self-control over my eating.

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Last Updated: Sep 4, 2019