Have you experienced a string of intense relationships that take over your life? Is it hard to focus on anything else when you’re in a relationship? Answer the quiz questions below to find out if you’re addicted to love.

Instructions: Below is a list of questions that reflect common experiences among people who are addicted to love. Read each question carefully, and then choose how often you’ve experienced the same or similar challenges in the past few months.

Your privacy is important to us. All results are completely anonymous. This quiz is not a substitute for a proper assessment from a health care professional.

Do you constantly crave having a love interest in your life?
Do you feel bummed out when you're not in a relationship?
Do you spend a lot of time fantasizing about romance or sex?
Are you quick to enter into romantic relationships?
Do you feel anxious when your partner isn’t there or doesn't respond quickly to texts or calls?
Have you used manipulation to gain a romantic partner or keep one?
Do you do things you don't want to because you're afraid of the relationship ending if you don't?
Do you neglect your career or other relationships to maintain a romantic relationship?
Is it difficult to leave a romantic relationship even when you know it's unhealthy?
Do you give up beliefs or interests in order to please your partner?
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2020