Sober reality shows, sober social media influencers, and a slew of holistic treatment options—mindfulness, acupuncture, yoga, and more—all part of the new alcohol-free living trend that play looser with the idea of a “drinking problem.” Here’s how today’s drinking culture is being redefined.

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Re-Thinking Drinking

As we await herd immunity and the stress (and boredom) of the pandemic rolls on, sales of alcohol have seemingly kept pace with sales of face masks. Many of us have indulged in the temporary “pain” relief alcohol offers. (Some data reveal a 55% increase in consumption due to isolation, loneliness, and being stuck at home with family and your cable subscription.)

Plus, let’s face it, booze is legal, easy to access, and available at a variety of price points. Problematic drinking will no doubt outlast COVID.

At the same time, thought leaders are starting to question if any amount of alcohol is good. They point to studies and a growing body of research that comes down hard on alcohol consumption of any sort.

This shift may also be happening, in part, due to the Sober Curious Movement, popularized by millennials who have embraced the notion that you don’t have to abstain from alcohol entirely but can, instead, commit to beneficial “drying out” periods.


Updated: Apr 20, 2021
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