Sober reality shows, sober social media influencers, and a slew of holistic treatment options—mindfulness, acupuncture, yoga, and more—all part of the new alcohol-free living trend that play looser with the idea of a “drinking problem.” Here’s how today’s drinking culture is being redefined.

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Three Ways to Have a Healthier Relationship with Alcohol

To keep alcohol in your life—and stay healthy about it—consider these three tips suggested by Michael McGee, MD, an addiction expert and psychiatrist in Avila Beach, California:

  1. Do: Drink alcohol mindfully for the purpose of enjoyment only
  2. Don’t use alcohol to manage painful emotions like anxiety, stress, or tension; develop non-drug ways to cope with distressing emotions.
  3. Don’t drink to get drunk. Avoid drinking in a way that causes significant impairment or risk. In other words, do not drink in a way that causes any harm to yourself or others.
Updated: Apr 20, 2021
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