Sober reality shows, sober social media influencers, and a slew of holistic treatment options—mindfulness, acupuncture, yoga, and more—all part of the new alcohol-free living trend that play looser with the idea of a “drinking problem.” Here’s how today’s drinking culture is being redefined.

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#7. In the End, AA May Be The Way to Go

No matter the new ways to rethink recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which started in 1935 remains a gold standard—for some.

“The fact that AA exists as one of the few examples of free healthcare available in this country is incredible,” Warrington explains. “AA essentially offers free counseling and peer-to-peer support which is pretty amazing.”

That said, whether it will work depends on the person, she says.

“It’s very dogmatic but for the people it works for, it’s fantastic,” she says. “And there’s very little commitment needed to see if it’s for you.”

If you’re having more serious issues with your drinking, know that there are meetings happening all around you.

“You have nothing to lose by checking a meeting out,” she says.

Updated: Apr 20, 2021
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