The goal of this quiz is to provide information about schizophrenia treatment options in an effort to connect patients with the best approach for them and to help them see that they’re not alone.

The patient quiz recognizes that schizophrenia is a serious and highly-stigmatized condition that impacts the entire family but is also a condition that, when treated successfully can help the patient live a full life.

At the conclusion of the quiz you will receive a result that tells you how much you know about treatment options for people with schizophrenia and, armed with this new information, enable you to have meaningful discussions with your family members and your care provider.

Your privacy is important to us. All results are completely anonymous.

When I follow my treatment plan, my symptoms improve.
I wish there was an easier way to treat my symptoms.
Have you experienced a relapse of symptoms as a result of discontinuing your treatment without consulting a doctor?
Did you know that working with a therapist to develop coping skills for dealing with distress that often triggers negative symptoms can help prevent hospitalization?
Did you know that including your family in your treatment can help improve your overall outcome?
When I’m experiencing negative symptoms of schizophrenia, I tend to isolate myself because family members/coworkers/friends don’t understand or sympathize.
I don’t know what triggers my negative symptoms.
I live in fear of having another psychotic episode.
Did you know that non-oral treatment methods, administered once every 3 months, have been developed to improve the negative symptoms of schizophrenia?
Did you know that electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) has been proven to reduce schizophrenia symptoms in some people?
Did you know that people who treat their schizophrenia can often attend school, maintain employment and socialize regularly?
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2020