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Stress-Fighter #1: Self-Care

Self-care is the BEST way to cope with stress says peer counselor and mental health advocate Ashley Smith. Ashley was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2017 after stress triggered a scary episode of psychosis.

After an episode of psychosis, the brain needs time to heal.

For Ashely that meant making some simple lifestyle changes. She started eating a healthy diet, added regular exercise to her day, working with a therapist, and taking her medication as prescribed.

“I find wellness by keeping the stress away,” she says. “For me it’s a combination of a 10-minute walk around my neighborhood, working out two times a week in the gym, watching what I eat, and staying focused on my well-being. It’s not complicated but it works.”

House cleaning is another go-to stress reliever for Ashley. “Believe it or not, I find a lot of satisfaction in cleaning my house,” Ashley says. “I think it helps to focus my mind and provides a sense of accomplishment that seems to help minimize the stress!”

Updated: Oct 14, 2021
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